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By Fishy Eye ^^

July 5, 2000
Sorry about this. The page is not 'down', so to say, but its hard as heck for someone like me with no knoledge of HTML to work without their Quick Site Builder (That's no longer working). I admit, all I really know are the basics- Font color, links, and that's about all. I do have a good friend however, I'll ask her to help. No further updates until Freeservers gets around to it...*sighs*
-Fishy Eye
July 3, 2000
Its taken me forever to get the picture above uploaded! Freeservers may be easy, but their server stinks..Been working on the Character sheets, etc. More to come!
June 25, 2000
Actually, I've been doing lots of other updates- I just haven't had time to write up on the main page (here ^-^) that I was. Working on a new section, its a suprise tho! ^-^
-Fishy Eye

Da First Update: June 20, 2000!
I never thought I liked them this much, but oh well! ^-^ This is my lil shrine to the Trio, made because I'm tired of there never being any pictures of info on this strange group from the Dead Moon Circus. Have fun, and someone please tell me how to steal clips from my tapes...^-^
-By me, Fishy Eye!

Please note that all the Trio members are copyright to Naoko Takeuchi/Kondansha, and Toei Animation. Everything is here is non profit, and a result of my bordem one faithful Tuesday evening.